Misconceptions about Whiplash

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Whiplash is a commonly used term to describe a group of neck injuries that result from rear-end car crashes and other traumatic accidents. Like other neck and spine injuries, whiplash can range in severity from a relatively mild injury to a serious condition with long-term, life-altering complications. As a result, individuals involved in vehicle collisions, falls, contact sports collisions, and other dangerous incidents should always seek prompt and thorough medical evaluations.

Victims of whiplash injuries are often entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. Unfortunately, misconceptions about whiplash may cause victims to question their right to compensation. In this article, we dispel three common misconceptions about whiplash.

Dispelling Three Common Misconceptions About Whiplash

Misconception No. 1: It Takes a Major, High-Speed Collision to Cause Whiplash

In reality, whiplash is a common injury sustained in rear-end auto accidents at all speeds. It is also a common injury in traumatic accidents not involving vehicles. Skiers, athletes in contact sports, construction workers, and assault victims frequently exhibit symptoms of whiplash after impacts and falls.

Aside from the force of the collision, there are numerous factors that can contribute to causing a whiplash injury. These include:

  • The position of the head at the time of impact
  • Height, weight, and physical condition of the injured person
  • The use and effectiveness of seatbelts and other safety equipment
  • The direction of the impact

Misconception No. 2: Whiplash is Just a Minor Injury That Will Go Away

The truth is that whiplash can be a very serious injury with long-term effects. With whiplash, the neck stretches and then literally snaps back into place. This snapping motion can lead to muscle, ligament, and tissue damage – not only in the neck, but in other parts of the body as well. Additionally, accident victims who experience whiplash frequently suffer other serious spine and head injuries.

Misconception No. 3: Accident Victims Often “Fake” Whiplash to Get Insurance Money

Like most personal injury law firms, at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we take all cases on contingency. That means we only get paid if we help our clients recover compensation. As a result, we only take cases we believe we can lead to a successful outcome.

Winning an insurance settlement or a court verdict requires strategy, legal knowledge, and most importantly solid evidence. If there is no evidence of an injury, no insurance company is going to write a settlement check. Faking an injury may work in the movies, but in real life it takes a serious injury – like whiplash – to win just compensation.

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