Motor Vehicle Crashes Took the Lives of 32,600 in 2014

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According to statistics released recently by the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 32,600 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2014, the latest year for which the government has complete data. That figure was statistically identical to the number of fatalities in 2013. Across the United States, the primary factors contributing to fatalities continue to be alcohol, speeding, failure to use seat belts, and “problematic” driver behaviors.

Because the United States is such a varied country – with both rural and urban areas, warm and cold local climates, flat and hilly terrain, cramped cities and wide open plains – one would expect that motor vehicle fatalities would vary significantly across our nation. Indeed, they do.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Exhibited Some Important Differences in Type of Accidents Causing Fatalities

One interesting factor, however: despite their close proximity, Massachusetts and Rhode Island show some quite different patterns in motor vehicle crash deaths, according to information recently released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Some of those differences included the following:

  •  Massachusetts had fewer deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled than any other state. The rate in Rhode Island, while lower than the national average, was still greater than that of the Bay State.
  •  As one might expect, Wyoming had the highest percentage of deaths involving occupants of SUVs and pickups (49 percent), while Massachusetts had one of the highest percentages of car occupant deaths (48 percent).
  •  Massachusetts had a relatively high proportion of pedestrian deaths (21 percent); Rhode Island’s was even higher (27 percent).
  •  Rhode Island was tied for the highest percentage of motorcycle deaths (19 percent).
  •  Rhode Island had the largest proportion of deaths in single-vehicle crashes in the nation (77 percent; note that some of these involved cars hitting pedestrians).
  •  Based on daytime observational surveys, the rate of safety belt use among front seat passenger vehicle occupants was 87 percent for Rhode Island and 77 percent for Massachusetts.

Across the Nation, Small Cars Have Highest Death Rates

Other studies show that improved vehicle designs in recent years have led to somewhat lower death rates in motor vehicle accidents. One factor has stayed the same: Small cars are, by and large, much more dangerous to occupants than larger vehicles. Minicars and small cars dominate the worst list. That isn’t surprising; a small, lightweight vehicle cannot afford the protection of a large sport utility vehicle. In almost any accident, the minicar is the loser. According to insurance data, the Kia Rio, a minicar, has the highest death rate among all models sold in the U.S.

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