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As fellow Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts locals, our team knows the roads and motorcycle accident law.  For years, we have been helping regular folks hurt in motorcycle accidents get top dollar for their personal injuries and bike damage.  Recently, I settled a maximum policy limit case from a Smithfiled, RI bike accident that I will review here.  If you are in a motorcycle accident this season, we are passionate about helping you.  Call us at 401-777-7777 24/7 for a free case review.

“Why Do I Need A Great Personal Injury Law Firm After My Motorcycle Accident?”

This is a question I received from our gruff, soon-to-be client, as he struggled to sit up with a fractured leg.  “Well,” I started to reply, thoroughly impressed with his blunt question,“It’s basically because everyone else in this process you are about to go through is against you.  They are looking out for their best interests, not yours.  All insurance companies (including “yours”) only care about paying as little as possible for your bike and injuries.  And all medical providers (like the hospital, doctors, x-ray places) want to take as much as possible from you and any settlement you might get.  So, you need the best motorcycle lawyers around because we know what you don’t.”  I smiled when I said this and gradually, he smiled back and hired me.

The Motorcycle Accident: Careless Driver Rear Ends Biker Off His Motorcycle in Rhode Island

Our client and his girlfriend were riding their motorcycle in the Putnam Pike area.  He slowed down and was waiting to turn into Caddy’s when a careless driver behind him failed to stop and rear-ended our client and his girlfriend.

The impact of the rear-end collision caused the motorcycle to spin out into incoming traffic.  A third vehicle then struck our client and his girlfriend and ejected them from the motorcycle.

silver vehicle damage after causing a bike accident

The vehicle that struck our client and his girlfriend.





Bike accident damage after accident

Our client’s motorcycle and debris from after the crash. Motorcycles tend to sustain more damage than passenger vehicles. If you have been in a bike accident, call us now so we can get to work on getting you paid for your damaged bike!

The motorcycle was a total loss.  As you can see, the debris from the crash was scattered all over the road.  The Glocester Police Department came to the scene and the Glocester Fire Department immediately rushed our client to Rhode Island Hospital.  Our client sustained multiple facial lacerations and fractures to his right ankle, right leg, and ribs.  His girlfriend also suffered serious personal injuries.

bike accident injury, right foot fracture, cast

Our client’s right foot fracture.

Our client not only loss his motorcycle, but he lost mobility to get to work.  He was out of work for several months and the bills kept piling up.

How Do I Get Paid For My Bike After An Accident? And How Do I Get Paid For My Injuries?

The answer to the above questions goes back to the basics: Insurance companies who are contractually responsible for paying for your bike and your personal injury settlement after a bike accident are not your friends.  If you do not “lawyer up,” you will simply not have access to tips, advice, and wise counsel to unlock all the money you are entitled to receive.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, our goal is to fight hard and take all factors into consideration to get you top dollar, all  while you simply focus on getting better.  Our firm will handle all the forms, phone calls, and hassle.

In this case, our investigators at the firm successfully obtained scene photos, footage, and the police report.  It was clear that the driver was following our client and his girlfriend too closely, and was careless in paying attention to them slowing down to turn.

Bike accident attorney and paralegal

Our paralegal, Arriana Fiske, did an amazing job helping me on this case. At Bottaro Injury lawyers, we all care about achieving successful outcomes for our clients during their darkest times.

At the end of the day, not only were we able to get a settlement that helped our client get a new motorcycle, but we were able to get him a settlement that made him whole after lost money and injuries, all as he focused on his recovery.

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