Motorcycle Safety Tips from an Injury Attorney


Did you know 80% of all motorcycle fatalities in Rhode Island are due to alcohol impairment? If you know of an injury or death involving a motorcycle, consider the law on negligence.

RI Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Law: Negligence And Punitive Damages

The law of negligence means that the personal injury plaintiff bears the burden of proof to establish the other driver was negligent or careless.

When you are involved in a Rhode Island car accident or motorcycle accident with personal injuries or wrongful death, you need the best personal injury lawyer, no, law firm.  This is because the insurance companies will simply not treat you or your family fairly without a great law firm fighting for you. So, lawyer up!

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we know how to apply the law of negligence to work in your favor to hold the careless driver responsible.

You need to take advantage of our 24/7 service right away and no upfront charges, so that we can jump on gathering and preserving the evidence needed to win the case.

Establishing negligence means speaking to witnesses while their memories are fresh, taking road photographs before skid marks, etc. disappear, and a host of other paperwork and important tasks depending on the facts of your case!

Moreover, if alcohol was involved, such as a motorcycle accident with DUI resulting in wrongful death or personal injury, we will investigate for additional claims such as punitive damages.  Punitive damages are additional monetary damages that may come into play in Rhode Island personal injury cases.

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