Multimillion Dollar Jury Award for Local DOT Supervisor Killed on Highway

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In October 2014, a Hartford, Connecticut jury awarded nearly $7.3 million to the estate of Daniel DiNardi, a construction worker who was hit on the side of the road while performing cleanup work.

DOT Supervisor Struck on Route 8 near Waterbury, CT

On the afternoon on March 22, 2012, DiNardi, a 41 year-old State Department of Transportation supervisor living in Rocky Hill, CT, was picking up debris from the side of Route 8 North in Waterbury and placing it in the back of his pickup. According to The Connecticut Law Tribune, Gina Davies was driving her PTX Services tractor-trailer when she veered from the northbound lane onto the shoulder, striking DiNardi. DiNardi suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries and died shortly after reaching the hospital. He had worked with the DOT for 21 years.

Trial Claims and Awards

Davies, 48, pled guilty to misconduct with a motor vehicle, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison with 2 years suspended. She had also been charged with failure to drive in the proper lane, interfering with an officer, and falsifying trucking documents. An attorney for DiNardi’s estate, claims Davies lied about how much time she had spent behind the wheel in her driver’s logs in the two days prior to the accident.  He said that nothing had required her to be on the shoulder.

Despite Davies’ conviction, her employer’s lawyers argued that she was not at fault in the accident. However, the State Police determined that Davies’ truck struck DiNardi when he and his truck were to the right of the fog line separating them from the travel lane. DiNardi was driving a bright orange pickup with bright yellow strobe lights flashing during the accident. Other DOT workers testified that Dinardi was in compliance with all regulations and wearing proper safety equipment. An economist for the estate testified that DiNardi’s lost earnings capacity for the remainder of his life was $1.29 million. The jury’s award of $7.29 million included $1.29 million for economic damages.

Rhode Island Takes Action for Highway Workers Safety

Here in Rhode Island to ensure the safety of our construction workers, drivers must drive at an appropriate reduced speed when approaching any emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights, or any tow truck, transporter truck, highway maintenance or roadside assistance with flashing lights. When approaching any of the mentioned vehicles, the driver must move into a lane other than the lane nearest the parked or standing authorized highway maintenance equipment displaying flashing lights. (R.I. Gen. Laws. § 31-14-3)

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