National Teen Safety Driving Week: Keeping your Teen Safe when Driving

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Did you know that fatal crashes are still the leading cause of death for teenagers? After parents spend years protecting their children, it is eventually time for them to begin driving, but are they ready for the road yet? During National Teen Safety Driving Week – parents should take a moment to educate their teens on the dangers of driving and safety.

Risk Factors and Statistics of Teen Driving

A trial conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute found that teens with families that followed a safety training program were 60 percent less likely to make dangerous driving errors.

However, they also noticed that most teen crashes are not caused from aggressive driving, but often caused from inexperience. Lastly, they found that novice drivers’ crash risk drops by more than two-thirds after the first 1,000 to 1,500 miles of driving.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe on the Road as a Teen

As parents, our biggest fear is our children’s safety being compromised. The older they get, the more independence they will crave – especially when they are of driving age. Keeping your teen safe behind the wheel takes time, but there tips might help:

  • Let them practice: Spend at least 30-50 hours on the road with them over a period of at least six months. Try switching to different times of the day and types of roads to help them gain experience.
  • Teach them how to drive defensively: Defensive driving will help them expect the unexpected. Teach them to stay a safe distance from cars ahead, remain aware of what is going on around on the road, and always stay focused.
  • Create a car safety kit: To make you and your kid feel better, prepare an emergency kit to keep in their car in case the car breaks down or they get stranded somewhere. Many sites will have infographics on what to put in the car depending on the season.

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