New Bedford Car Accident Settled By Bottaro Law

Did you know that car accidents are the second leading cause of death for teenagers?  Here in Massachusetts, the team at Bottaro Law has the experience you need in winning your car accident case. Today, let’s look at a recent successful settlement from a New Bedford car accident injuring (thankfully not killing) our teenage client.

New Bedford, MA Car Accident Results In Teen’s Personal Injuries 

Our client is a senior at New Bedford High School and had just started a new job at Dunkin’ Donuts.  His mother called us after he was struck by a careless driver.  When he is not working, he enjoys basketball and had just started driving himself to work and school. 

One afternoon, when he was traveling on Tarkiln Hill in New Bedford, he came across an intersection. A careless driver failed to stop and see our client traveling and proceeded to go past the stop sign. 

As the at-fault driver proceeded through the stop sign and entered the intersection, they struck our client, veering him into a pole located on the corner of Oliver Street and Tarkiln Hill Road. 

exterior of white car on road on sunny day with trunk open and smashed passenger door with emergency vehicle in the background

Our client’s vehicle after the accident

Our client suffered immediate pain in his back, ribs, shoulder, left hand, and wrist. He was also suffering from anxiety due to the car accident. 

close-up of skin abrasion on the elbow of a teenager's arm

Our client’s injuries after the accident

Rescue rushed our client from the scene to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Our client would not only miss school but would miss work and the enjoyment of sports his senior year. 

Our client’s injuries would need time to heal, and he was referred to Boston Orthopedic for treatment. His mother’s vehicle was towed from the scene, and later totaled and now he would be out of transportation for work and school. 

Our client had multiple abrasions on his body and pain radiating down his arms from his shoulders. His mother was not only concerned about him missing work, but him missing out on school work as well.   

How Much Is My New Bedford Car Accident Case Worth? Get Bottaro Law! 

close-up of a large blood blister on the bottom half of the palm of a hand

Our client’s injuries after the accident

The value of your car accident case in New Bedford and Massachusetts depends on many factors.  The first thing to do is “lawyer up”!  The sooner you get your free case review and hire the best personal injury law firm, the better.

In this case, our client’s mother called us right away.  We were able to jump on helping our client and family on the car, and navigating the health insurance and billing quagmires common to car accident victims.

We were able to get liability accepted from the at-fault party and settled with maximum settlement for our client. 

His settlement would be able to not only put him back on the road but make up for lost wages and cover medical expenses. 

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