Who Pays For Car Accident Medical Bills?

If you’re injured in a car accident, the fear of medical bills and lost income can be as painful as the injury itself. How will you afford out of pocket costs? What if the claim is denied? Insurance companies will often try to avoid fully disclosing your rights and providing fair compensation.

So who pays for car accident medical bills? It depends on the type of car accident you’re in, the state that you live in, and the type of insurance that is involved. Even if the other driver is at fault, the law does not mandate that they pay your ongoing medical bills. If the other person is at fault, however, they must pay you damages to resolve your lawsuit – these damages often include your medical expenses.

Auto accident medical bills can be fully covered in a settlement. Therefore, be sure to visit the emergency room as soon as the accident occurs so that your injuries will be properly documented. Take notes on what details you can remember about the accident as soon as you can.  Get a copy of the police report. This information will help you achieve the best possible settlement for your car accident medical bills.

>Don’t leave yourself financially vulnerable after an automobile accident. In order to be fully compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain after you’re injured in a car accident, contact an attorney. If you’ve been in an auto accident, you can talk to Mike for a free consultation.  Attorney Mike Bottaro and our team at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC understand how the settlement process works and how to properly value your car accident claim.  Give us a call so we can help you: 401-777-7777.