Pedestrian Injured In Car Accident: $100,000.00 Settlement

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Did you know there were 2.32 pedestrian deaths per billion vehicle miles traveled in 2021? According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrian deaths are increasing faster than all other traffic fatalities. 

We recently settled a case where our client was struck in a crosswalk by a careless driver in Cranston, RI. 

Cranston, RI Pedestrian Suffers Leg And Ankle Fracture 

Our elderly client was taking the bus to Citi Trends to do some shopping for her and her daughter. 

After exiting the bus, she proceeded to walk through the crosswalk to Garfield Avenue. 

As she was walking in the crosswalk, our client was struck by a van that was turning out of a parking lot into the street where she was walking. 

Imagine the impact of being struck by a vehicle when you’re in a car accident. Our client felt that impact on her body and could not prevent her unfortunate fate. 

The careless driver struck our client and was cited when the Cranston Police Department arrived at the scene. 

Our client was in immediate pain and was unable to get back on her feet. The Cranston Fire Department came out to the scene and took our client by rescue to Rhode Island Hospital to be evaluated. 

Not only would she be suffering pain from the impact of the van, but she was diagnosed as suffering a left leg and left ankle fracture. 

Little did our client know, that a day of shopping would turn into her being admitted to the hospital and leave her in significant pain. 

Pedestrian Accident

Our client after the accident

Providing Justice For Our Client With The Settlement She Deserves 

Typically, our main priority for our clients is to make sure they are in good hands with treatment and start feeling better after suffering personal injuries

In this particular situation, our client would be in a cast for some time and would have to wait to treat. The inconvenience of being in a cast and not being able to take care of herself, as she usually would, was not only a huge struggle but an adjustment for our client. 

When she was out of her cast, she was treated with physical therapy in a rehab facility and was able to start building back up her confidence and gaining back her independence.  

We worked hard to not only fight against the insurance companies but to provide enough support and attention to our client during this difficult time and legal process. 

The at-fault party accepted liability and we settled the case for our client with maximum settlement and policy limits. 

Our client would not only have enough to pay for her ongoing treatment but enough to provide her with some comfort after all her pain and suffering. 

If you or a loved one is struck by a careless driver, Bottaro Law is here for you 24/7. Our client did the right thing by acting quickly and calling us immediately after she was struck. 

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