What Are The Time Deadlines For My Personal Injury Case?

Do you know that there are important time deadlines that relate to your personal injury case? Whether in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, where we practice personal injury law such as car and bike accidents, and slip and fall injuries, these time deadlines can destroy your case if not complied with.

In today’s blog, I am simply providing a general overview of just some of the personal injury issues associated with time deadlines, statutes of limitations, qualified immunity, and other related issues.  However, this is simply a general blog.  We offer 24/7 free case reviews, so if you have a personal injury, do not delay – contact us right now and we can look at your specific situation.

What Is A “Statute of Limitation” And How Might It Apply To My Personal Injury Case?

In order to recover monetary damages for your personal injury, virtually all jurisdictions have some type of time deadline in which you must file a lawsuit or be forever barred from doing so. This is generally known as the “statute of limitations.”

Statutes of limitations vary from state to state and several may apply to your case. For example, while the general time deadline to file a personal injury case in Rhode Island is three years (for personal injury such as car accident measured from the date of a crash; but measured from different time periods for medical malpractice), that deadline may be “tolled” if the case involves a minor.

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It is very important to know, and comply with, the statute of limitation(s) that apply to your specific fact situation.

Are There Other Time Limitations On My Personal Injury Case?

Maybe. For example, in Rhode Island if you seek to bring a claim against a town, city, or municipality, there are special laws that require you to provide special written notice within weeks of an injury and then limit how and when you can make a settlement demand and/or file a lawsuit.

What Is Qualified Immunity And How Might It Apply To My Personal Injury Case?

“Qualified immunity” is a legal concept that prohibits some lawsuits form going forward against certain parties and/or that may limit the extent of such legal action.  For example, in Rhode Island, there may be monetary caps when you bring suit against a municipality such as a town or city.

You can find out more information about Rhode Island’s General Law by visiting the State of Rhode Island General Assembly website. Attempting to file suit outside of the statute of limitations will generally result is dismissing claims. However, certain exceptions do exist. 

Personal Injury Deadlines

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