Best Practices With Pre-Existing Injuries From Car Accidents


If you have suffered a personal injury from a Rhode Island car accident, you need to know that auto insurance companies will use your past medical history to deny or limit your legal rights to compensation. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my local personal injury lawyers focus solely on representing the injured. We use the tactics below (and more!), to stand up to insurance companies like Progressive, Allstate, GEICO, and Liberty Mutual, to name a few:

Beware: After A Car Accident, Auto Insurance Representatives Are Not Your Friend!

Auto insurance companies train their representatives to act nicely to you while using anything information about you (such as “pre-existing injuries”) to deny claims. If you speak to them, they may twist your words to argue that you did not suffer a new or aggravated personal injury after a car crash.  Speaking to the auto insurance company after a car crash is a big no-no that can destroy your case!

Did The Car Accident Make Your Existing Injury Worse?

Myself and the attorneys here collectively have decades of experience helping people achieve compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering after a RI and Mass. Car accident. We have achieved top awards for personal injury lawyers in part because we can help build your case, especially when it comes to defeating arguments about “pre-existing conditions”. After a car crash, you have the right to pursue compensation against the at-fault party regardless of your medical condition so long as we can meet your burden of proof.

It is common that auto accidents or slip and fall accidents cause both new personal injuries or aggravate underlying injuries. This is not your fault and you should not be the one on trial!

In the case of your personal injury worsening (aggravating) an underlying pre-existing condition, we have had great success helping real people from Providence to Fall River who due to the personal injury required additional treatment or corrective surgery (read our case results for more information – or call me!).

When we speak, we will get to know you – our client – so that we can stand up for your rights and win your case.  We speak confidentially to get to know your medical history and how the personal injury affected you. Our exclusive “No Fee Guarantee” ensures that you pay nothing upfront and nothing at all until we win your case!

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