$90,000.00 Providence Pedestrian Car Accident Settlement

Did you know that each year in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, hundreds of pedestrians are injured in car accidents??  Here at Bottaro Law, we take pride in helping those who suffer personal injuries from careless drivers.  I recently settled a pedestrian car accident case for a Providence Rhode Island school crossing guard. Here are three takeaways from the case: 

1. How To Hold A Driver Negligent For Striking A Pedestrian in Providence, Rhode Island?

In this case, a careless driver came around a corner and struck our client, an older school crossing guard.  Our client was working in Providence for the school. She was firmly planted in a crosswalk.

In this situation, pedestrians struck by negligent drivers have important legal rights to pursue a personal injury case.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we offer a 24/7 free case review.  Following the car accident, our client and her family immediately texted us.  By doing so, the personal injury victim “lawyered up” and that allows her to feel secure in that we know what to do and what not to do to hold the careless driver responsible.  When you contact us at no charge and we accept your case, our lawyers will immediately start the investigation process and our legal professionals will also advise you on the next steps and help in every way that we can.

Crossing guard with stop sign directing children across crosswalk on suburban street

2. How Much Is My Pedestrian Car Accident Case Worth?

Our Client’s Arm And Wrist In A Brace

Pedestrian Car Accident Victim

Every case is unique. Our job as your personal injury lawyers is to evaluate your case and help you to ensure that you get proper medical treatment and that we do all we can to give you great advice in documenting your injuries and how the car accident or personal injury has affected your life.  As the case progresses, there are several factors that determine how much your pedestrian car accident case is worth here in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.  In this case, our client suffered multiple personal injuries that kept her out of work, on workers compensation.  Our client’s injuries required that an ambulance transport her from the accident scene to Rhode Island Hospital

She suffered personal injuries to her left shoulder, arm, wrist, and both of her legs. After further diagnosis, it appeared that our client was suffering from a meniscus tear in her right knee, and surgeons recommended surgery. 

Unfortunately, she was already suffering from underlying medical conditions with her heart, and she would not be cleared to proceed with the surgery she needed. In this case, figuring out case value included the medical expenses, lost wages, and potential for future surgery, as well as a value for the pain and suffering.

3. How Do I Get A Great Settlement After A Pedestrian Car Accident?

Melanie Roy professional headshot

Melanie Roy, Legal Assistant

Samantha Pascale professional headshot

Samantha Pascale,
Case Manager

Getting a great settlement in a personal injury case to us at Bottaro Injury Lawyers means that we have put our heart and soul into investigating and assembling the evidence needed to win in court.  It is through thorough preparation and proving our case that we can get the insurance companies to come to the table.

In this case, our team, including Samantha and Melanie, worked hard to help me assemble the evidence that told our client’s story. 

As I dug into the case with the insurance representatives, we obtained a $90,000.00 out-of-court settlement for our client! This settlement prevented her case from being tied up in court for many years and gave her the tax-free benefits quickly that she needed and deserved.

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