Providence, Rhode Island Bus Accident Settlement For RIPTA Driver

We have been handling bus accident personal injury cases for years throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  We often represent victims in bus accidents caused by the driver. In today’s blog, I will recount a recent settlement where we represented a RIPTA bus driver in a car accident with his bus caused by the operator of the car.

Providence RI Bus Accident With Multiple Personal Injuries 

RIPTA buses operate throughout Rhode Island.  They provide public transportation and are governed by a quasi governmental agency in which special laws apply to bus accidents.  

In this case, a careless driver slammed into the RIPTA bus, injuring several people on board, including the bus driver himself.

RIPTA and police came to the scene and documented the crash, collecting invaluable evidence.

Providence, Rhode Island RIPTA

RIPTA in route

Can I get a legal settlement for back pain when I have a pre-existing condition? Yes!

The bus driver called me for a free case review right away and I was glad to help.

In this case, while it was clear the other driver (and not our client) was at fault, the challenging part of the case was proving our client’s back injuries.

Our client had an underlying chronic condition where he had treated for back pain in the past.  Under Rhode Island personal injury law, it was the plaintiff’s burden of proof to establish that the car accident was a substantial factor in causing an “aggravation” to any underlying condition. The “aggravation of a pre-existing condition” is recognized in our Rhode Island pattern jury instructions as well as in Massachusetts car accident personal injury cases. 

Although he may have had past back pain, in this case I could prove that it was under control before this bus accident and that this crash made any such pain much worse. As our client continued to heal, our team pored over the present and prior medical records.  We were able to show a clear worsening of symptoms after the car accident that led to his hip injury.  

The Bottaro Law Difference: Bus Accident Personal Injury Experience Matters! 

Handling the case for the bus driver provided a perspective on how RIPTA operates and their systems and procedures for bus accidents.  It provides our firm with further experience in handling these cases whether for the RIPTA bus driver, or (as in most cases) against RIPTA.

After the settlement, our client and was able to get back to the job he loves, helping people get transported in our city. 

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