Providence Rhode Island Car Accident Case Settled By Personal Injury Lawyer Mike Bottaro For $152,500.00!

hip fracture

What is it like to have your whole world turned upside down by a head on car crash? In today’s blog, I discuss a recent Providence car crash to a family man resulting in a serious hip fracture amongst other personal injuries.

Car Accident Case Worth: Hip Fracture

Our client was a married man and father who worked locally in Providence, Rhode Island in a physically demanding job. He was on his way to work, when the defendant caused a head on collision that totaled his car in an instant. Defendant was arrested and our client was left with a complex hip fracture and other personal injuries. The Providence Fire Department immediately responded to the scene of the accident and even had to use the Jaws of Life to get our client out of his vehicle.

When his wife called me, he was still in the hospital. I jumped on the case and started our investigation. The displaced left superior pubic ramus and left sacral fractures required repair and inpatient stay.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we take pride in helping with everything. And here, that meant, explaining the legal process, completing forms, dealing with medical bills, addressing his vehicle property damage, and just being there for the family.

Best Personal Injury Law Practice: Lost Wages and Maximum Policy Limit Settlement

Working as a truck driver, our client did not have the physical strength due to his personal injuries. After being out of work for over 19 weeks, I knew had to help get his wages accounted for and work on his other damages. Working only on personal injury cases, my team and I know how to get this done! We take pride in results.

Also, I began to put the case together, one piece of evidence at the time. Photographs, police reports, wage records, surgical reports, etc. I soon realized that the case clearly had maximum insurance policy limits value. So I turned my attention to efficiently dealing with several insurance companies and their representatives to assemble a global policy limit settlement – all within a matter of months. When it was done, our client obtained every penny of the policies, totaling $152,500.00! And we gained new friends.

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