PS 5 Giveaway Is A Wrap: Bottaro Personal Injury Firm Gifts To Providence Boy!

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Have you been following our Playstation 5 video game console giveaway contest? Allow me to update you on our PS 5 contest winner!

Background: Our PS5 Essay Contest

Many families across our communities have had an especially challenging year. Playstation 5s are a popular gaming system that are hard to come by and expensive. Our idea was to ask those in our community to nominate someone who may appreciate a PS 5 video game system.

Thank you to all who participated! We received many inquiries and submissions.

To select a winner, our Ministry Care Team reviewed the applications and put it to a vote!

The 2021 Bottaro Law PS5 Winner: 10 Year Old Providence Boy, Mark!

We want to share the submission made by a family member on behalf of our winner pictured here, Mark:

“Mark is a 10 year old boy living in Providence, Rhode Island with his two aunts and four sisters. He is on the Autism Spectrum and attends Elementary School in an inclusion classroom. He also participates in Special Olympics in their Unified sports program, and he has an interest in all things electronic and technology. He also loves history.

Mark, in his own words, has said he finds it very difficult to make friends because he likes to entertain himself, which is a symptom of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The PlayStation would not only serve as a catalyst for self entertainment, but I believe it’ll also serve as a tool to help Mark to entertain other people.

I can see him hosting a game night at his house and giving him an opportunity to practice social and emotional skills. Having those successes will help him to build his confidence which will make him a better person in any place, doing anything and meeting other people.”

I have to admit I may have been just as excited, if not more excited, than Mark when I got the chance to call him and let him know he had won. I’m blessed to have been able to meet Mark and his whole family. I genuinely believe he’ll enjoy his new Playstation 5, and I hope to get invited to one of his game nights.

Thank you again to everyone who helped brighten this boy’s and his family’s day!