Rather Be Safe Than Sorry - National Safety Month

Rather Be Safe Than Sorry – National Safety Month

It may be fun and exciting to live on the edge sometimes and be daring, but being safe is always the most important thing. The month of June marks National Safety Month, so the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC wants to make sure you enjoy your summer with these summer activity safety tips.

Bells and Whistles

Bicyclists and motorcyclists absolutely love the summer. What’s better than riding along and feeling the breeze? Almost nothing, other than the fact of knowing they are safe on the road. Not feeling safe as a bicyclist or motorcyclist can take the fun out of everything – so keep these cyclists in mind when driving. As for the cyclists, to avoid getting into a bicycle or motorcycle accident, keep some of these tips in mind:

  • Ride on the right side of the road, never against traffic. Doing otherwise will put bicyclists at risk of an accident.
  • Be alert and wary – scan around yourself while riding, pay attention to vehicles, pedestrians, and others on the road
  • Use your horn, hand signals, and light to be seen by others on the road

Road Trip Adventures

Road trips are always a great idea during the summer. Enjoying a scenic route, listening to an awesome playlist, and being with friends and family sounds like a great way to spend the long summer days. However, being on the road for such a long time might put you at risk of getting into an auto accident. Before you head out, don’t forget these safety tips:

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Driving while tired is just as dangerous as driving under the influence, and is just as likely to cause a serious car crash. Drive only when well rested and switch drivers every few hours if possible.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. Both texting and driving and talking on a handheld device are illegal in Rhode Island. Avoid looking down to check messages, change songs, or answer a call.
  • Share the road. Always leave enough distance between yourself and other drivers, and use your blinker before changing lanes or merging into traffic to let people know ahead of time.

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