Warren, Rhode Island Rear-End Car Accident Case Settled By Bottaro Law

Have you ever been stopped in traffic and looked in your rear-view mirror hoping that the person behind you is paying attention? 

Stop-and-go traffic can be dangerous especially if there are distracted drivers. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving is undoubtedly the number one leading cause of vehicle accidents in the United States. A distracted driver does not have their complete attention on the road, and they may be paying closer attention to a mobile device, passengers, or even daydreaming.

We recently settled a car accident case where our client was rear-ended by a distracted driver. 

Who Pays My Settlement In A Three Car Accident?

In a multiple-car accident, “fault” may be apportioned between more than one driver or may rest entirely with one driver.  There may be multiple personal injury claims brought depending on who suffers injuries.

In this case, the force of the rear-end collision into our client caused her car to then slam into the car in front of her.

In this case, lawyering up with us as soon as possible helped us quickly work to ensure that our client was not blamed at all for the Rhode Island car accident.

blue car showing damage to front grill after car accident with traffic in background

Our client’s vehicle after the car accident

Our client suffered multiple personal injuries to her neck, left shoulder, left arm, and left hand.  She was seen at South County Hospital for x-rays and was referred to physical therapy for her personal injuries. 

Unfortunately, our client missed work due to the accident and was also suffering financial losses from the car accident. 

Achieving More Than Maximum Settlement For Our Client 

Our client was not only out of work, but she was also out of transportation. It was important to our client to not only have a vehicle when she returns to work but in order to make her physical therapy appointments. 

We created a litigation plan in the spring and continued to fight for our client as she continued to treat and heal. 

After fighting against the insurance company with enough evidence, the liable party accepted fault and full liability for the car accident. 

one hand extended towards person sitting opposite with the other hand holding a pen with paperwork underneath

Lawyer in a meeting

Through preparation and aggressive representation, we obtained a settlement for our client.  It was our client’s first time working with a lawyer and we are happy to have successfully gained a settlement that would not only change her mind about working with personal injury lawyers but give her the opportunity to take her life back after the accident. 

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