Recap On Giving Free Lunch To Hospital Workers During COVID-19 Crisis

Thank you, Lord, for all that we have now. Right now. It is during these tough times, where we are all affected by COVID-19 that You reveal Yourself. I appreciate the little things in our daily life, like time with my wife and kids, making meals together, a walk with the dog. And I appreciate the health in our family and ability to help others. Thank you to all the hospital workers who are risking their health and their family’s health to help others. And to the other businesses that are struggling to keep each other employed, with work and pay. I pray others may experience what I saw yesterday at the Seaplane Diner. I saw my friends at the diner working with purpose and smiles to provide a simple hot meal to Lifespan hospital workers! I saw a few hospital workers, through their masks, feel a little comfort and appreciation. Thank you, Lord, for a small opportunity to help others.