Recapping Saluting The Rhode Island National Guard At Twin Rivers With Free Lunch!


In these tough times of COVID-19, we thought it would be a small gesture to help provide a free lunch to our Rhode Island National Guard and other military folks who are helping on the front lines.

Twin River Casino – Rhode Island COVID-19 Testing

If you need COVID-19 testing for the coronavirus, Twin River Casino has an extensive test site manned by our military. They have been running a tight ship!  Rhode Islanders have been impressed with short wait times and quick results – often within 15 minutes or less!

So…. I thought it would be fun to bring them some free lunch from our friends at the best Greek market around, Yoleni’s Restaurant!

The Twin River testing site is comprised of approximately 60 soldiers and airmen who are risking their lives every day to fight against COVID-19. This site is vital to ensuring that all Rhode Islanders are staying safe and expanding the testing capabilities for the state. Knowing how hard these men and women have been working, Yoleni’s reached out to The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC and RiverHouse to help make this event as successful as possible.

The donation from the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC was not only a representation of the gratitude we have for these frontline workers, but also a reminder of the sacrifices these people are going through every day to protect our state against this pandemic. Not only were we able to provide a monetary donation to show our support – but we were also able to donate our time to volunteer at the lunch event.

“Being here a Twin River presents a great opportunity to see what the National Guard is doing, how they are keeping lines short, and making sure as many people can be tested as quickly and safely as possible,” stated personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro at the Twin River event.

Although the men and women at the event have dedicated their full-time to the testing site, the majority of the National Guardsmen are not full-time service members. They are prepared at any time to stand up and deploy across the state to defend our nation against the invisible enemy of COVID-19. The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC is thankful for these hardworking Guardsmen and is grateful that we were able to make them smile through our act of service.

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