Rhode Island Rear-End Car Accident Settles For $130,000.00!

rotator cuff tear

Did you know that shoulder injuries after an auto crash can be complex in relating to the legal case? If you have suffered a rotator cuff or labral tear after a car accident, for example, than you should know that auto insurance companies typically play dirty tricks to deny or delay justice on your case! Today, I am going to blog about a recent case success here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC that came about after a rear-end car accident.

Smithfield, Rhode Island Auto Accident Law: Rotator Cuff Shoulder Personal Injury

The defendant was traveling east on Putnam Pike in Smithfield, Rhode Island when she carelessly slammed into the rear of our client’s vehicle.  Our client was a senior executive at a local company.  Due to their negligence, the defendant was issued a citation (R.I.G.L. 31-15-12 Following Too Close).

Complaining of neck, left shoulder, and back pain, our client immediately went to urgent care to have her personal injuries treated. Doctors diagnosed our client with a cervical strain/sprain, cervicalgia, and muscle spasms. Shortly thereafter, she began to experience shoulder pain.

It was a feather in our cap when our client called me. You see, I had represented her years earlier in another case. So, it is always nice to know that she had a positive experience and called me again.

Our client was then referred to physical therapy, but was discharged from treatment due to continued pain and limitations from her shoulder. She then sought out treatment from an orthopedic doctor, who referred her to get an MRI on her left shoulder. Results showed a small full-thickness rotator cuff tear involving the supraspinatus tendon.

Due to her MRI results, our client opted to receive surgical treatment and underwent a left shoulder diagnostic arthroscopy, arthroscopic subacromial decompression, and arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. After her successful surgery, she was referred to physical therapy treatment for two months.

As I said, despite the clear negligence and clear medical chronology from a very credible client, the at fault driver’s insurance company tried to delay payment here. The tired argument was that the shoulder injury could not have been caused by a rear end crash. We know how to overcome these arguments and win!

And that is just what we ultimately did here. With our investigation and know how, we fought the company. As we pieced together the case, the settlement offers increased several fold. Ultimately, we secured a $130,000.00 out of court settlement after the auto accident.

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