Rhode Island And Massachusetts Personal Injury Law: 3 Things To Know About Attorney Fees

In today’s blog, let’s take a look at some common questions regarding attorney fees in hiring a great personal injury law firm. Here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, our firm’s free case review and “No Fee Guarantee” can help you obtain a great settlement.  

How Do Lawyers Charge for Personal Injury Cases?

The most reputable lawyers charge a commission, not hourly fees.  This is called a “contingent fee agreement.”  Unlike other types of cases, this is a huge advantage for you.

First, this means that you should not need any money to hire a personal injury lawyer.  

Second, it means that if the case goes south, you do not owe the law firm any attorney fees.

Third, under this system, the lawyer’s interest is aligned with your interest. The more we earn, the more you earn.

But even more, at Bottaro Law Firm, our team offers the exclusive “No Fee Guarantee.” Please read more about this on our website and ask us about it.  We offer things that other firms cannot or do not.  And we do it all with honesty and transparency.


Rhode Island And Massachusetts Personal Injury

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How Much Are Personal Injury Lawyer Fees? 

Generally, one-third of the total money recovered goes to cover your attorney’s time as attorney fees.

Ever personal injury lawyer should have such an agreement in writing.  

At our firm, we provide everything in writing and answer all questions in this regard.  You can also read the hundreds and hundreds of customer reviews as well as review the top ratings we have received from industry service including for honesty, ethics, and professionalism

At The Bottaro Law Firm, there is no simply charge to you until we win your case! 

What Are Average Personal Injury Settlement Amounts?

There is no one answer to this question.  Personal injury settlements vary greatly depending on many factors (again, I have blogged on this topic before such as “What is my case worth?”).

We offer free case reviews 24/7.  Once we are at a point in your case to evaluate case value, we are glad to review with you. 

Friends, I also want to remind you how important it is for you to quickly hire an experienced personal injury law firm if you have suffered a personal injury.

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