Rhode Island Bike Accident Lawyers Nab $100,000.00 Settlement in Westerly, RI Motorcycle Accident.


Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we are proud to stand up for the rights of injured bikers throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you go down, we will help pick you up! Today, I share a recent case success from a Westerly, RI motorcycle accident. In handling this case, I obtained a $100,000 maximum policy limit settlement for our client, a 31-year old father from Warwick, RI.

Westerly, RI Motorcycle Accident Personal Injuries Plus Damage To Bike

On a warm and clear summer evening, our client was in Westerly, RI, out riding his motorcycle with a friend. Riding in tandem, the pair slowed to enter into a business parking lot.

Both motorcyclists slowed and put on their turn signals on before making their way into the parking lot. Riding second in line, our client watched as his friend completed the turn into the parking.

Traveling behind the pair at a speed of around 35 mph, a young woman carelessly attempted to answer an incoming phone call. In the process of answering her phone, she took her eyes off the road slamming into the back of our client’s motorcycle.

The resulting rear-end collision was devastating, as it ejected our client off his motorcycle, sending him sliding across the pavement. Lucky to be alive, our client had multiple personal injuries.

RI Bike Accident Results In Glenoid Labrum Tear Shoulder Surgery – What Is Case Worth?

There were immediate personal injuries at the emergency room, including post-concussive symptoms, left shoulder pain, and severe road rash to our client’s face and back.

While our client was treated for his injuries, it became more apparent that our client was suffering from a severe shoulder injury. When physical therapy and cortisone shots failed to relieve our clients, doctors ordered an MRI.

Ultimately, our client consulted with an orthopedic doctor after his MRI. The doctors diagnosed a tear of the glenoid labrum as the cause of our client’s consistent shoulder pain. This led to a left shoulder arthroscopy with superior labral repair, rotator cuff debridement, partial acromioplasty, and AC joint resection surgery.

How much is a shoulder injury with surgery from a Rhode Island bike accident worth? Well, I have written on the various factors that go into valuing a personal injury case. In this case, our client had a track record of work and had many months of lost wages, in addition to his pain and suffering, and disfigurement, etc. Additionally, there is money for the bike. These are all factors to take into consideration along with the other driver being at fault.

The Bottaro Difference: Getting the Maximum for your Motorcycle Accident

Delay can kill cases and create costly errors. Our client made a great choice in texting and calling me right away. I was able to get my team and I investigating this case, provide advice, and jump on the forms, and paperwork necessary to get this case going in the right direction.

By putting together all of the above factors, we were able to prove our case value was likely to be at or in excess of the insurance limits here. Working quickly, my team and I proved the at-fault driver was 100 percent liable for this accident. This left the insurance company no other option but to settle for the maximum policy limit of $100,000.

Hard work allowed us to settle this case quickly, which is precisely what our client wanted. Now he can get back on his feet and spend plenty of time with his newborn baby.

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