Rhode Island Bike Accident Legal Settlement By Personal Injury Lawyer Mike Bottaro

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Did you know if you’re involved in a Rhode Island or Massachusetts bicycle accident, you may be able to place a claim on your insurance? In today’s blog, I want to share the story of a recent settlement win when our client was struck while riding her bicycle in Woonsocket, RI.

Woonsocket, RI Bicycle Accident Leads to Superior Glenoid Labrum Injury

On a warm summer evening, our client, a young mother, was out riding her bicycle in Woonsocket, RI.

At the same time, a driver was heading towards her with a stop sign in clear sight. Failing to use caution, the at-fault driver ran the stop sign attempting to make a left turn, slamming into our client.

The crash caused our client to fall on her right side, causing immediate personal injuries, including a shoulder injury.

An ambulance took our client to the Rhode Island Hospital where doctors diagnosed multiple injuries, including to her ankle, knees, ribs, shoulder, and wrist.

The personal injuries kept our client out of work and with worsening pain, especially to the shoulder.  Ultimately, doctors diagnosed a labrum lesion, requiring additional medical treatment.

Maximum Bike Accident Settlement – Personal Injury Experience Wins the Case!

When our client contacted us just a few days after her accident, my team and I started working on her case immediately.

When reviewing our client’s case, we helped to ensure she received great treatment, completed forms, and investigated the case. Due to the injuries, bills, and lost wages, we recognized that our client would need all benefits here.

Our client needed the experience of a personal injury firm that spots the issues and gets things done.  So, in addition to fighting against the driver’s insurance company, we also made a claim for additional (underinsured) benefits on our client’s Rhode Island policy.

Taking on both insurance companies, we were able to obtain a policy limit settlement from the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, but we were able to secure additional funds from our client’s underinsured motorist policy to ensure that all funds were recovered!

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