Rhode Island Boat Accident Personal Injury Law: What You Need To Know!

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Living in the Ocean State, boating is a favorite pastime for many of us. Over the years, my team and I have successfully settled many boat accident cases. Today, I would like to share some advice with you if you have been involved in a Rhode Island boating accident.

RI Boating Law: Negligence, Maritime Law, Admiralty Law

First, if you suffer personal injuries on or even near the water in Rhode Island (or Massachusetts where we also practice personal injury law), you likely have legal rights for compensation.

There are several different legal theories and laws that may apply to personal injuries around the water.

These can be complex cases, and even if you believe you have a simple case, the laws and insurance world are complex and bewildering — you need to consult a personal injury lawyer!

Steps to Take Following a Rhode Island Boating Or Maritime Personal Injury Accident

Safety first. Obviously, you need to get yourself and others safe and get the necessary medical attention.

Next, document everything that happened. Take photos; write down facts, witnesses; save receipts, and other evidence.

Call or text me 24/7 for a free consult that is confidential.  You need to understand that time is running – act fast and do not delay! There are time deadlines, paperwork to complete, and evidence to preserve.

For example, Rhode Island law dictates that any accidents requiring more than basic first aid be reported immediately to the Coast Guard, Local Police, State Police, or DEM. This also needs to be done if property damage is more than $2000. If the accident results in death or personal injuries beyond basic first aid, Rhode Island State Law dictates that a written report must be made to the DEM within five days of the accident. If property damages are more than $2000, a report must also be filed.

Do I Have A Case Following A Boating Accident?

You very well may have the right to compensation.

For example, if you are injured due to a boat captain’s negligence, we can hold that operator and his insurance responsible. Likewise, if you are injured on the job, there are laws and insurance to protect you.

When it comes to boating accidents, liability isn’t always as clear-cut as it seems. This is why it’s essential to call us immediately following your Rhode Island boating accident. Our team knows how to investigate the facts and gather evidence to prove your claim.

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