Rhode Island to Bring Driverless Cars to the Streets

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In futuristic movies, the script always calls for flying cars and jet-packs. Unfortunately, that type of advanced technology is just Hollywood magic. However, Rhode Island has been considering the idea of introducing driverless cars to our roads, according to an article on NBC 10.

Driverless Cars – Risks and Rewards

By having these cars on the road, drivers will be able to take their focus off of the road and onto other distractions, which could lead to distracted driving car accidents. Not only is this a factor that has to be considered, but we also must think about what changes have to be made.

In another blog post on our website, the different federal and state law regulations in regards to driverless cars were mentioned, along with what the federal government would have to change in order to accommodate these cars. One major regulation that would have to be changed, and that could potentially cause future car accidents, is waiving the requirements for all drivers to have licenses.

Without having real people drive their own vehicle, it seems like there are many risks to having this type of car on the road. Although this may cause fear of car accidents in drivers, some Rhode Island employees are determined to make it work.

“The technology itself will help us save lives on the highways, that if properly implemented, and only if properly implemented, it would be implemented in a way that it would prevent people from killing themselves in their automobiles.” Peter Alviti, RIDOT’s director, told NBC 10.

Other than the federal and state law regulations that would need to be modified, one of the most important factors that would need to be discussed is the protection these cars would provide. To avoid car accidents and personal injuries, the safety components of these driverless cars should be a number one priority.

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