Rhode Island Car Accident with Rotator Cuff Tear Requiring Surgery Settled by The Bottaro Law Firm

rotator cuff tear

After a driver crashed into the passenger side of a vehicle, hitting our Rhode Island client head on – here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC we knew our client needed our help. The insurance companies were being uncooperative and our client needed justice.

Bristol Rhode Island T-Bone Car Accident with Personal Injuries

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling south on Metacom Avenue in Bristol, Rhode Island. The driver prepared to take a left hand turn into a parking lot when the defendant also tried to take a left hand turn, crashing into the side of the vehicle, hitting our client. Immediately reporting of pain radiating down her right side, our client was taken to Miriam Hospital to diagnose her with several personal injuries from the car accident.

With the personal injuries our client endured, doctors referred her to both physical therapy and to an orthopedic doctor. Conservative care did not show signs of improvement, and so the surgeon scheduled a shoulder MRI. The MRI established the full extent of the personal injury, an approximate 1.8xl.8cm full thickness supraspinatus tendon tear in her right shoulder due to the car accident.

After the MRI, our client continued with orthopedic treatment until her surgery to perform a right shoulder arthroscopy and arthroscopic rotator cuff repair with acromioplasty and glenohumeral debridement.

Our personal injury attorneys and caring team utilized best practices. We come across various types of injuries after Rhode Island car accidents– including rotator cuff personal injuries.

We reviewed hundreds of pages of records, gathered the evidence, and presented evidence linking the car accident to the shoulder injury to the uncooperative insurance company. During the case, our team also helped our client with all kinds of forms, her car damage, medical appointments, expenses, and lost wages.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we were able to work efficiently to quickly recognize our client’s full monetary damages, and present same in a professional manner to the auto insurance company.  Our client was pleased with the fast, yet thorough and full amount of the confidential settlement that kept her out of court and helped put her life back together.

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