Rhode Island Distracted Driving Settlement: Bottaro Injury Lawyers Secures a $203,000.00 Settlement After Client’s Shoulder, Back, and Neck Injuries

Distracted driving comes in many different forms. Aside from texting and driving, distracted drivers may eat, put on makeup, mentally plan out an upcoming tough conversation at work, or go searching through their car to find a dropped or missing item. Unfortunately, these short actions that divert our hands, eyes, and minds from the road cause personal injury accidents. Today’s article recalls how we recently facilitated a Rhode Island distracted driving settlement for our client.

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At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we frequently review cases that include at-fault drivers being distracted from the most important task on the road – driving. We urge our Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts communities to refrain from diverting your attention from the road to avoid hurting yourself and others.

To help support our Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts communities, today’s case highlight shows how damaging distracted driving can be and how we help our distracted driving victims!

Distracted Driving Accident Results in Client’s Right Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Our client was traveling in Providence, Rhode Island, like any other day. While traveling north on Valley Street, the at-fault driver was driving on the same street in the opposite direction. The at-fault driver stopped to allow our client to turn into a business.

However, instead of waiting for our client to complete the turn, the at-fault driver dropped their phone. This distraction caused the at-fault driver to divert their eyes from the road and hands from the steering wheel to pick up the lost cell phone. While doing so, the at-fault driver accidentally accelerated and hit the rear passenger side of our client’s car!

Our client’s vehicle damage after the accident.

Emergency services immediately transported our client to Miriam Hospital to address his lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. After the accident, our client endured 6 months of intense pain. As a teacher, our client struggled to sit for a prolonged period of time, use a computer, and turn his head. Needless to say, his constant pain seriously affected his work and home life.

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Our client had rotator cuff repair surgery prior to his car accident. If you have a preexisting condition, meaning, an injury prior to your personal injury accident, it is especially important to hire a skilled personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are notorious for using victims’ preexisting conditions against them!

During this time, our client attended physical therapy sessions, received a corticosteroid injection, and underwent radiofrequency ablation. None of these interventions helped.

After 6 months of little-to-no improvement, our client was referred for a right reverse total shoulder replacement to address the full-thickness tear in his right shoulder.

How Can I Get a Rhode Island Distracted Driving Settlement?

If a distracted driver injures you, it is important that you hire a skilled personal injury law firm. We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers have decades of combined experience practicing personal injury law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are happy to discuss the details of your personal injury case with you.

Generally, in order to recover damages in any personal injury accident, you must show that the other driver is (at least partially) at fault. A few ways that we prove fault include using details from police reports, eyewitness testimony/statements, and cameras in the area. In short, a personal injury legal team will know how to review and ultimately build a compelling case on your behalf.

While we regret how much pain our client endured as a result of his distracted driving accident, we are happy that we obtained a large settlement of $203,000.00 to cover his medical costs and more. If a distracted driver recently injured you or a loved one in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, call us to discuss your case!

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