Rhode Island Drunk Driving Car Accident: NHTSA’S Campaign

You’ve seen the signs all over the highways, such as the “Drunk Driving is the Path to the Dark Side” near Exit 16 on Route 10 in Rhode Island and also in Massachusetts. Whether it’s the holidays or the urge to get back to that outdoor entertainment, it doesn’t stop drunk driving from happening every day. 


“Drive Safely” highway sign

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is under the federal Department of Transportation. They describe their mission as “Save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle related crashes.” 

NHTSA runs national campaigns to be as visible as possible in the community with highway signs and various advertising against the danger of drunk driving that can lead to horrific car accidents.

At Bottaro Law, we have handled numerous car accident personal injury cases over the years that have involved drunk driving. We are proud to support organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (“MADD”) and today want to highlight NHTSA’s campaign.

Having a national media campaign helps bring awareness to drunk driving and can play an important part in our personal injury firm’s investigation towards winning your case.  


Getting The Best Personal Injury Lawyers After A Drunk Driving Car Accident


Person drinking and driving

You have important legal rights when you suffer personal injuries due to a drunk driver in a car accident. 

For years, our firm has stood up for victims’ rights throughout our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities.

When you suffer a car accident, we know how to get started on your case right away to hold drunk drivers responsible and help you with bills, lost wages, car damage, and all the other hassles that you are likely to experience.


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