Rhode Island Drunk Driving Thanksgiving Car Accidents: Here To Help

holiday car accident

Did you know that our firm gets many calls around the upcoming Thanksgiving week concerning car accidents and drunk driving car accidents especially?

It’s always important to drive safe, but especially during the holiday season. More people are on the roads, at parties, and rushing to get to their location, putting you at a risk of an auto accident.

We Help Drunk Driving Victims – And Fight Against Drunk Drivers

Drinking and driving affects our entire community. If you or a family member suffer due to a drunk driver, it is our mission to help you.  Over my years, I have represented many clients with tragic tales and misfortune due to drunk drivers. We support law enforcement and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

If someone is drinking and driving over Thanksgiving and has caused personal injuries , we know how to help with your case.

We will fight for justice, help coordinate with law enforcement, victim right advocates, and pursue your civil case to the fullest extent.

It is important to contact me as soon as possible so we can investigate, preserve evidence, and complete paperwork, in addition to providing the advice and comfort you may need.

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