$300,000 Injury Settlement for 6 Year Old Boy

Rhode Island Injury Lawyer Mike Bottaro Nets $300,000 Settlement For 6-Year-Old Boy

From a tragedy springs hope. RI car accident lawyer helps boy’s family cover medical expenses.

Providence, RI – June 11, 2013The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC is pleased to announce the recent resolution of a 6-year-old boy’s personal injury case resulting from a highway car accident.

The Rhode Island auto accident occurred when another driver attempted an illegal U-turn on I-95 in Providence, Rhode Island. The action caused a severe T-bone collision with a small sedan in which the 6-year-old boy was traveling in a rear child seat. The boy struck his head in the heavy collision and was transported by an emergency rescue person to Hasbro Children’s Hospital for overnight observation. He was ultimately diagnosed with a post-concussive syndrome including traumatic headaches and three lacerations to the forehead requiring sutures.

The boy consulted with a pediatric neurologist. Over time, the concussive symptoms largely subsided. His family also went through mental health providers to address the emotional trauma. Notably, the collision left the boy with three prominent facial scars evaluated and rated by two Rhode Island plastic surgeons.

Rhode Island car accident lawyer Mike Bottaro obtained medico-legal opinions from the two surgeons that the resulting facial scars suffered in the Rhode Island car accident were likely permanent in nature and that the boy would more likely than not require future revision surgery.

As a result of a structured settlement negotiated by Rhode Island personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro, the boy’s settlement funds will be protected and will grow in value over time.

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