Rhode Island Parking Lot Slip and Fall: Bottaro Injury Lawyers Clenches a $72,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement for Fractured Ankle Client!

Most of us recognize the feeling when you miss a step or walk on uneven or otherwise dangerous terrain. At best, it startles us, at worst, it makes up slip, trip, and even fall. Sometimes we trip because on our own inattention or clumsiness. Hey, it happens! But imagine if your entire way of life changed for months because you slipped and fell on a property owner’s unsafe terrain. Parking lot slip and fall injuries are more common than you’d think!

This is the exact situation one of our recent clients found herself in. As premises liability attorneys, our job is to help our fellow Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities get the legal compensation they deserve after accidents, like slips and falls.

Today’s case highlight reviews a recent slip and fall case we handled and how a skilled person injury law firm, like ours, may be able to help you in your premises liability case!

Slip and falls can happen anywhere. If you are injured while walking in a parking lot, place of business, or even a residential area, call us to discuss your case!

Parking Lot Slip and Fall Accident Results in Client’s Fractured Ankle

One sunny day in Warick, Rhode Island, our soon-to-be client was walking through a run-of-the-mill parking lot to do some midday shopping. As she approached the shopping center, she suddenly caught her foot on pavement about an inch or so lower than the rest of the parking lot’s terrain.

When she fell, she hit the pavement hard. As she fell down, she heard a popping noise and immediately felt pain in her left ankle and leg.

uneven parking lot pavement

Actual photo of the uneven parking lot pavement our client tripped on.

Luckily there was a bystander nearby to help because when our client went to stand after her fall, she couldn’t. Our client also called for help driving home, as her pain was too severe to do so herself.

That same day, our client went to urgent care where she was prescribed crutches and a walking boot. But this intervention was certainly not a quick cure. For months after the accident, our client could not put her significant weight on her left foot. She reported trouble walking and ultimately could not return to job as a floor nurse for almost three months after the accident. During this time, she attended multiple physical therapy sessions to increase her strength and mobility.

Not only did this parking lot slip and fall accident cause our client pain, it significantly changed her way of life.

How Can a Parking Lot Slip and Fall Lawyer Help Me?

Like many of our slip and fall clients, this client needed compensated for her injuries. Immediately after the accident, she needed medical assistance and follow-up care. This quickly became obvious, given the physical state she was in after the accident. But soon after, other costs arose too. 3 months without work pay, along with the mental pain and suffering she endured as her life changed drastically after her fall.

 When you slip, trip, or otherwise fall and sustain injuries because of someone else’s inability or inattention to a dangerous condition, you may have a slip and fall case. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention, report the condition, and collect evidence (photos, bystanders’ statements, etc.) to the best of your ability. These actions will help you on your road to physical and financial recovery.

Parking lot slip and falls are common. Think of all the potholes, cracks, and otherwise uneven pavement you’ve seen in your lifetime. Fortunately for our communities, property owners have a duty to keep their property safe for its patrons.

In this case, we were able to investigate the property and collect evidence to effectively present the problem to the property owner. Once we discovered who maintained the parking area, we were able to communicate with them and their insurance company to highlight the problem.

Pictured is another view of the uneven pavement our client tripped on. In this case, our case investigators were able to visit the scene and see the hazard firsthand. This is not always the case, as property owners sometimes attempt to fix the problem right away. If you or a loved one slip and fall in Rhode Island and the dangerous condition is already repaired, don’t fret. We can discuss your options!

Should you slip and fall in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, call us to discuss your specific case. Here, we were able to negotiate a $72,000.00 payout to cover our client’s medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering!

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