Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney Case Success: The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Settles North Kingstown Rear-End Car Accident Case

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Did you know that other lawyers actually hire us to work on their own case? This is Mike Bottaro and there is perhaps no better feeling than sharing with you the below authentic client review I recently received:

“As an attorney myself, I know it is important to have a lawyer who understands his/her area of practice. When I was involved in an accident, I knew I needed a professional in my corner to work on my behalf. I have known Mike for several years and he has always proven that he is a person of integrity and compassion. I chose his firm to assist me and was extremely happy with result. I would highly recommend both Mike and his staff for any personal injury matter and will be referring clients to him in the future.”

– Actual Rhode Island Lawyer and Our Client

Today, I want to share this lawyer’s case with the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC and how I personally handled the case in a successful fashion!

North Kingstown Rear End Car Accident and Personal Injuries Suffered By Attorney

Our client (an attorney) was traveling on Route 4 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island when she began to slow down due to traffic ahead. The vehicle behind her failed to slow down and struck the rear of our client’s vehicle – pushing her into the car in front of her.

Now, I, and the other amazing lawyers at our firm, handle rear end car accidents everyday.  Proving fault (liability) is straightforward here.  But dealing with the paperwork, deadlines, forms, injuries, and legal damages (establishing case value – how much the case is worth) is where this attorney (and you!) need our help!

In fact, here, the attorney at first tried to handle the case herself.  But since she does not practice personal injury law, she quickly understood that she was out of her element. So, then she consulted a friend, another lawyer who handles some personal injury law.  But not as much as the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, here. So… she called me!

You see, one huge advantage of hiring our team is that we deal only with these cases everyday. We don’t dabble in other areas of law, but stick to personal injury law in RI and Mass. So, we get great experience and success getting good at one area of law!  I (and the team behind me) get to know all the other insurance companies, defense lawyers, and that means we can put our knowledge of the enemy (those trying to pay you less!) to work for you!!

Here, the attorney needed my expertise in valuing her case and working through various roadblocks put up by the companies. I worked hard to get to understand the various injuries and how it affected her life. And at the end, through hard work and dedication to fighting the insurance company – I was able help this attorney get the compensation she deserved and a memorable customer review!

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