Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney Case Success: Bottaro Law Settles Rear-End Warwick RI Car Accident for Policy Limits of $100,000.00!

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One of the busiest roads in Warwick is Airport Road right near T.F. Greene, and if you know Rhode Island, busy roads are always the most dangerous. Today, I am blogging about a recent rear-end auto accident case our personal injury law firm just settled.

Warwick, Rhode Island Accident and Personal Injuries

Our client was traveling westbound on Airport Road in Warwick, when then uninsured defendant also traveling west suddenly struck the rear of our client’s vehicle.

After a rear-end accident, one of the most common personal injuries a person can experience is a concussion. Due to getting hit from behind, the head and neck will experience such an impact that causes the injury. Not only did our client suffer from a concussion, but he also presented with radiating lower back pain and “pins and needles” to both hands.

After being diagnosed with multiple personal injuries, including cervical and lumbar radiculopathy (pinched nerve); our client was referred to physical therapy treatment to reduce his pain. Several weeks of treatment and our client was still complaining of arm tingles and sought out advice from a neurologist. After the first evaluation, our client was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as a bilateral ulnar compressive sensory neuropathy at the wrists.

Because of the severity of this syndrome, our client was referred to an orthopedic doctor for surgical consult. Not only was surgical treatment recommended, but our client also received injections to reduce pain and swelling.

Permanent Damages and Settlement

Although our client has received injections for his carpal tunnel, it was still doctor recommended for surgeries to be conducted. Knowing that this could provide him relief, our client has opted to proceed with the bilateral carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. Because of this, our client will now have permanent scarring and will have to continue therapy post-surgery.

Knowing what our client still has ahead of him, personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and his experienced legal team was able to help our client receive compensation for his permanent injuries – per R.I. Civ. Pattern Jury Instruction 10002.5 Bodily Injury and Impairment.

Not only was Mike able to help our client receive compensation for his permanent injuries, but he was able to receive maximum policy limits from the insurance company. It might not be able to reverse the accident, but we still were able to help our client get back on his feet after this life-changing event.

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