Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer: How Much Is My RI Bike Accident Case Worth?

It is motorcycle and bike season here in southern New England. Throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we are all getting out on the road.  Our firm has a proud tradition of representing serious personal injury victims from motorcycle and bike accidents.  

If you find yourself in a motorcycle or bike accident, you can call or text us for a free case review 24/7 at (401) 777-7777.  Today, I would like to share an overview of a popular question – if you are injured, how much is your bike accident worth?  In answering this question, I am focusing on your injuries as opposed to “How much is the damage to my bike worth?” We can also help you with your damaged bike.

Bike Accident

Bike and helmet on the ground after an accident

What State Did Your Bike Accident Occur?

We typically operate our bikes between several New England states. We can help no matter where you go down.  But one factor you should understand is that “How much is my bike accident case worth?” may in part depend on whether the bike accident occurred in Rhode Island or Massachusetts or perhaps a different state. The point is that each state has different laws that may apply differently to your case. Again, call or text me and I can review your specific case.

How Much Is My Bike Accident Case Worth? What Is The Extent Of My Injuries?

In simple terms, the more severe personal injuries you suffer, the more your case may be worth.

This is because the more severe injuries you have means that you will likely have experienced a greater detrimental effect on your health and everyday life.  Tragically, we have represented many families in wrongful death cases or in cases with permanent injuries.

How Much Is My Bike Accident Case Worth? What Are My Medical Expenses And Lost Wages?

Bike Accident

Paramedics taking care of motorcycle accident victim

Personal injury law allows recovery for medical expenses and lost wages.  Emergency room treatment, surgical fees, physical therapy, prescription medications, all of these expenses add up. And being unable to work can drastically affect your life. At my law firm, we fight to get you full, top dollar where on your own or with an inferior lawyer, you are likely going to have a tough time recovering the maximum.

My team and I care for bikers.  We know that we as bikers get a bad reputation sometimes. We know how to prove your case and how to get you top dollar.

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At the Bottaro Law Firm, we care for people.  Attorney Mike Bottaro and his team handles all types of personal injury cases including motorcycle accident cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  We can also help on cases in other states as well.  Honesty. Integrity. Results.  Call or text us right now 24/7 for live help with a free case review at (401) 777-7777; chat, email, or feel free to complete our online form.  We are here to serve and help you!