Rhode Island Slip and Fall Lawyer Bottaro Settles $77,500.00 Wakefield, RI Case


Injured in South County, RI? I know the area and the Court. We have the experience to stand up for your rights and today, I want to share one recent victory with you.

Knee Replacement After A Slip And Fall Personal Injury – How Much Is Your Case Worth?

Every case, or course, is different.  Slip and fall cases are notoriously difficult for many reasons. You need the best personal injury lawyer local to Rhode Island for these cases.

In this case, our client was a Narragansett resident who visited a store in Wakefield.

The entrance and exit of the old building had a very unsafe second adjacent entrance that led down a very steep stairwell. It was completely out of code, unsafe. To make it worse, the tenant had placed a baby gate in front of it that stuck out.

As our client attempted to navigate exiting the first entrance, she lost her balance against the makeshift baby gate, tumbling dangerously down the stairs and suffering multiple personal injuries.

Our client’s body slammed against the stairs only to have her fall stopped by a heavy metal door with which her head collided—leaving our client with a sizable laceration to her head, along with multiple other personal injuries.

Paramedics were called to the scene, and our client was immediately rushed to South County Hospital. At the emergency room, doctors place 18 staples in our client’s head to close the laceration. Along with treating the head wound, doctors diagnosed our client with a displaced bicondylar fracture of the right tibia and tibial plateau fracture. This required our client to undergo a total right knee arthroplasty(Right Knee replacement) , leaving her with permeant scarring

Best Practices: Rhode Island Slip/Trip And Fall Attorney Bottaro Fights for Justice

This case presented itself with some unusual facts. Upon our initial investigation of the site, we found that the baby gate had been replaced with a low-height plywood gate. This was admissible evidence of subsequent remedial measures to establish some negligence.

Our prompt investigation including hiring a forensic engineer who investigated and conclude that indeed, this set up was dangerously unsafe. His expert witness legal report helped persuade the factfinder of comparative negligence, ultimately after due diligence, leading to an excellent settlement.

Preserving evidence, acting quickly, spending money to get our client’s case in a better position to settle – these are all the little things that my team and I take pride in!

If this happens to you, act fast like our client did and call or text me right away. The call is completely free and we will jump on investigating whether you have a case.

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