Rhode Island Underinsured Motorist Lawyer: What Does “Motor Vehicle” Mean?

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Did you know that after a car accident, bike accident, or other personal injury, there are defined terms in insurance policies that can have a big impact on your legal rights? In today’s blog, let’s examine the meaning of a “motor vehicle” that may apply to your bike accident or car or truck accident case here in Rhode Island.

Car Insurance Coverage 101: Can You Collect Compensation After A Personal Injury?

After you suffer a personal injury, it is best practice for the best personal injury lawyers to look for insurance coverage that the at fault party may have in order to cover your loss.  Without insurance coverage, you would need to pursue the wrongdoer personally, which can be difficult and impractical.

Is My Injury Case Covered Under The Meaning Of “Motor Vehicle”?

We purchase insurance to provide financial security.  We (consumers) pay the insurance company to provide specific coverage. The insurance policy is a contract that defines inter alia, what is covered and what is not.

For example, Rhode Island policies typically define “motor vehicle” as a motorized vehicle having four wheels.

I Was In An Accident With My Motorized Bicycle, Do I Have A Case?

You may “have a case,” but we also need to examine whether there is “coverage” to pay you.

In the case of a motorized bicycle, there may be exclusions from coverage.

For example, I recently had a bike accident that involved our client operating a bicycle that he equipped with a motor!  Our client suffered immediate injuries in the crash, including broken ankles and emergency surgery.  While the laws of negligence may remain similar, the motorized bicycle resulted in a coverage denial from the auto policy.

It is very important to make sure that your motor vehicle, whether that be a motorized bicycle, moped or pick-up truck, is registered and has coverage. You may not always find yourself in an accident with someone that has insurance, and you want to make sure you are protecting yourself on the road. This can save you from a lot of headache and challenges when it comes to seeking medical assistance and bodily injury coverage in a motor vehicle accident.

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