Rhode Island Winter Injury Case Tips


What are some of the methods to minimize a personal injury this winter season? Wintertime in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts brings rushed shoppers, winter driving conditions, and slippery roads and walkways.

Rhode Island Slip and Fall Lawyer Advice

In winter, slip-and-fall accidents our personal injury law firm handles personal injury claims resulting from icy driveways, icy sidewalks, and other slipping hazards from ice or snow.  Property owners, including homeowners, supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses have a duty to keep their property cleared. These owners may try to blame you for their carelessness by arguing that you did not do all you could to avoid injury. Common arguments that we deal with are: slippery footwear; not paying attention to the conditions, or claiming that you were responsible for sanding/clearing etc.

But under Rhode Island law, the responsible party has a certain amount of time after a snowstorm has ended to take safety action that would make their premises safe from weather hazards. If you suffer a personal injury in Providence, Pawtucket, or any other ministry in our jurisdiction, our attorneys know the best ways to take legal action to protect your rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other categories of damages insurance companies and owners do not tell you about.

Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney Advice

Our personal injury lawyers handle car accident claims everyday. There are special rules for winter driving that we know how to help you to maximize winning your case.  Whether you suffer a RI car accident on I-95 or any of our other roadways, call or text us first. We know how to investigate winter car accidents due to hazardous road conditions, such as:

  1. Wet pavements
  2. Sleet and slush
  3. Full coverings of snow and ice

Again, these insurance companies will always try to blame you which will take away the fair value of your car loss after an accident and your personal injury claim. We know how to act fast to investigate and get your personal injury case on track.

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