What Is Rhode Island’s “Pure” Comparative Negligence Law?

rhode island comparative negligence

Do you know what “comparative negligence” means to your RI personal injury case?

This is Attorney Mike Bottaro today blogging about a concept that is important if you have a personal injury legal case in Rhode Island.

What is Rhode Island’s Pure Comparative Negligence Law?

Negligence occurs when one acts carelessly, resulting in the damage of a person’s property or causing bodily injury to the person.

Each state or jurisdiction has its own laws and case precedent regarding negligence. There are notable differences, for example, between Rhode Island and Massachusetts when t comes to one concept called “comparative negligence.”

Comparative negligence generally refers to the idea that a factfinder such as a jury can decide to apportion negligence (fault) between two or more parties.

Rhode Island General Laws § 9-20-4 establishes Rhode Island as a pure comparative negligence state. This is a more generous law than Massachusetts if you suffer personal injuries in a RI car accident.

For example, if you are injured in a car accident, a jury can listen to the evidence and decide that each driver is 50% at fault. This means that you can still recover 50% of your legal damages (compensation). In fact, in a pure comparative negligence state like RI, a jury can determine that the plaintiff was 90% at fault and that plaintiff would at least be able to recover 10% of their damages.

This is different from other states, such as Massachusetts.

Comparative Negligence – Another Reason You Need To Get The Best Personal Injury Lawyers On Your Side!

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Insurance companies are almost always trying to blame you – the injured party – by arguing comparative negligence. Why? Because they can save money. And this costs you money!

Without a lawyer – or with the wrong lawyer – if you are blamed a percentage at fault: (1) your rates go up; and (2) you get less money on your settlement. It is that simple.

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