RI Best Personal Injury Law Tips: 3 Ways To Communicate Better With Your Doctor

If you have suffered a personal injury such as a car accident or slip and fall, you need to know how to talk to your doctors so that they can provide the best treatment for you.  Having practiced personal injury law for over two decades, I have witnessed many patient-doctor interactions over the years.  Here are 3 ways you can communicate better with your doctors after a personal injury:

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Person suffering from an injury after a car accident

1. Make An In Person Appointment With The Doctor As Soon As Possible

For your health, you should get into a live, in person visit as soon as possible after your personal injury.  It is in your best interest to meet an in person with the actual doctor, and minimize phone calls, and/or visits with the doctor’s assistant. Live doctor visits with your actual doctor is, in my opinion, a better method for communication.

2. Communicate What Happened And All Bodyparts In Pain

At the doctor visit, you should explain to the doctor what happened and how you were injured.  This is called the “mechanism of injury” and is important for your doctor to understand.  Next, be sure to mention all parts of your body that have any discomfort, pain, or other symptoms.  In our health care system, documentation is important for several reasons. For one, it helps the doctor with his examination and also in considering the diagnosis.  Additionally, it may help you have your treatment covered by the correct insurance.

3. Be Proactive In Scheduling Future Appointments

It never hurts to schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor before leaving the office.  You can always reschedule or cancel if you need to, but if you do not do this, the appointments may fill up when you do have a need. Also, should your doctor refer you to another doctor or for imaging such as an MRI, it is important for you to actively call and follow-up to ensure the appointments are made.  In busy doctor offices, if you rely on others, you may be disappointed that the visits do not get scheduled, again, leaving you without treatment.

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