$100,000.00 Bike Accident Settlement


Did you know that if you’re injured in a bike accident, there may be more than 1 insurance policy available to compensate you? I have been handling motorcycle and bike accident cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for years. Today, I am proud to share a case result where a little creativity and hard work paid off for our Woonsocket client.

Woonsocket Motorcycle Accident With Open Wound

While bringing his girlfriend’s newly purchased motorcycle to storage for the winter, our client, a 53-year-old man, was traveling south on Cumberland Hill Rd in Woonsocket.

As our client approached the Li’l General Plaza a careless driver took a left-hand turn that slammed into our client.

In the resulting crash, he laid the bike down, suffering multiple injuries.

An ambulance rushed our client to Landmark Medical Center. Amongst other injuries was a very scary open wound to his left leg open (hematoma and streptococcal arthritis).

The resulting recovery involved procedures and hyperbaric chambers in a long, painful recovery.

Personal Injury Lawyer Mike Bottaro Gets Results: $100,000.00 Bike Accident Settlement!

Our client found us after researching motorcycle accident lawyers online and reading about my experience and our firm’s great reviews. I was grateful to get involved.

In addition to the usual nonsense from the insurance companies, there were challenges regarding insurance coverage here.

Insurance companies do not like to cover bikers and this case was no exception.  After nailing the at-fault driver’s insurer for the maximum $50,000.00, I turned my attention to finding other coverage.

Our client unfortunately did not have his own coverage that applied.  And his girlfriend’s bike was just bought and without motorcycle insurance!

After much digging, research, statements, and other hard work, I was able to obtain an additional $50,000.00 in coverage from, believe it or not, his girlfriend’s auto insurance.

So, not only did we receive a maximum policy limit on the at-fault parties insurance, but we obtained the maximum policy limit on this insurance as well.

What does this mean for our client? It means he can recover with peace of mind knowing all his medical bills and lost wages will be covered.  If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident then 7’s is the only way to go!. Call me 24/7 to schedule a free consultation.

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