RI Personal Injury Law Case Success: The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Settles Permanent Injury Pedestrian Accident for Confidential Amount!

pedestrian crossing

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we handle all types of personal injury claims. Pedestrian auto accidents can interrupt someone’s daily life – but we are here to help! After our client was struck by a vehicle in a busy shopping parking lot, personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and his legal team fought to achieve justice for their client.

Coventry, Rhode Island Pedestrian Accident with Personal Injuries

Our client was exiting a store and began to cross in the crosswalk when a car carelessly began to pull out of a parking space in the lot. The vehicle began to turn left and made a U-Turn, hitting the shopping cart and our client – who instantly fell to the ground. Complaining of severe back pain and right hip pain, Coventry Fire Department brought our client to Kent Hospital to be treated for her personal injuries.

After an accident occurs, the adrenaline in our bodies might hide any personal injuries we have until several days later. Our client began to develop headaches, neck, right shoulder, and right leg pain soon after her accident, which was treated with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

Our client continued to suffer severe and constant headaches that caused nausea and was referred to a neurologist, who diagnosed her with post-traumatic headaches – something that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.

Permanent Injury and Settlement

Rhode Island law provides compensation for permanent injuries (R.I. Civ. Pattern Jury Instruction 10002.5 Bodily Injury and Impairment.). Our client continues and will always have residual back pain and post traumatic headaches, which faces her with a lifetime of future problems due to this accident. Her daily life has been affected greatly, also allowing her to seek compensation for pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys worked extremely hard to help our client receive compensation for this accident. We were able to help our client pay her medical bills and get back on her feet for a confidential settlement amount!

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