RI Supreme Court Upholds Decision in Federal Hill Slip and Fall Case


Did you know that the Rhode Island Supreme Court recently issued a decision affecting premises liability cases?  If you have a slip and fall case, today’s blog is worth checking out!

Rhode Island Slip And Fall Case On Icy Sidewalk – Get Our Help!

In the case, the plaintiff slipped and fell on an icy public sidewalk adjacent to a restaurant in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island.

Filing suit in 2017, the plaintiff argued that the restaurant had voluntarily acted to alert the city of a dangerous condition on the public sidewalk and therefore created a duty to keep the plaintiff safe.

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Clearing Snow And Ice From Another’s Sidewalk May Not Give Rise To A Legal Duty

In the recent RI Supreme Court decision, the focus was centered on the defendant’s legal duty to clear the public sidewalk form ice and snow.  In other words, even though the plaintiff suffered personal injuries, legally without a duty, the defendant wins and the plaintiff receives no compensation!

In the case, the defendant conceded that in the past, it had not only voluntarily cleared the sidewalk, but also alerted the city of the same.

Incredibly, perhaps to the reader, the Supreme Court ruled against the plaintiff, holding that such an action was not sufficient to create a legal duty against this particular defendant.

In other words, the injured party lost and was left without a remedy against the restaurant.

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