RIPTA Bus Accident Personal Injury Case By the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Results In $150,000.00 Settlement Pre-Trial!

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What happens if you are injured by a RIPTA bus in Rhode Island? This is personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and in today’s blog I share a hard fought victory on behalf of a University of Rhode Island student.

How Do You Sue RIPTA After A Rhode Island Bus Accident?

Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have decades of combined experience handling bus accident personal injury cases. “RIPTA” is our state’s quasi-governmental agency that operates our public buses.

If you have suffered personal injuries by a RIPTA bus accident, you absolutely need to call or text us 24/7 for a free consultation (401-777-7777). This is because RIPTA seldom if ever will settle with you without the best local personal injury law firm involved on your case. We know all the right people at RIPTA and their lawyers. When you contact us, my team and me will know exactly what to do – and what not to do!

Recent RIPTA Rhode Island Bus Accident Case And Settlement

One recent example occurred when a URI student’s family called me after a RIPTA bus accident.

Our client was walking in a crosswalk on the University of Rhode Island campus, when a RIPTA bus driver blew through a stop sign and struck her in her knee.

RIPTA put up a stone wall, refusing to meaningfully take care of the student’s medical bills and other legal damages. I personally became involved thereafter and immediately filed a lawsuit against RIPTA and their negligent bus driver.

In discovery, I knew the questions to ask and documents to obtain – including, video footage showing the crash and blown stop sign!

The student need knee surgery and will likely need a future surgery. I met personally with her surgeon and put together the medicine and expert reports necessary to present at trial.

Before trial the Court ordered us to attend arbitration. I prepped our client and her mother for their testimony and presented the surgeon’s expert reports and MRI images.

Skilled and Quick Arbitration Leads to an Award of $150,000.00

RIPTA, despite the evidence, refused to settle the case easily. My team and I prepared and attended an arbitration hearing. At the hearing, we presented the evidence and arguments.

Thereafter, the arbitrator returned a favorable non-binding award. As a result of the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC’s preparation and execution, I was able to secure a $150,000.00 RIPTA bus accident settlement before trial. Our client has now recovered her past and future medical expenses as well as her other damages related to this knee injury and can put this case behind her!

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