RI Personal Injury Lawyer: The Role Of Speeding In Car Accidents

We have worked on a lot of car accident cases throughout our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities.  In many crashes, speeding is a common factor in contributing to the crash.

How Does Speeding Affect My Car Accident Case?

Simply put, traveling over the speed limit cuts down on reaction time and increases the likelihood of a car accident. Speeding was a factor in 29% of all traffic fatalities in 2020, killing 11,258 or on average, over 30 people a day.

One of the first factors we examine when you call or text us after being involved in a car accident with personal injuries is the extent of damage to the vehicles in conjunction with potential speeding.

Our community does not like those who flout the law with speeding. If you have bene injured because someone else is recklessly speeding, than we will emphasize that to the insurance companies and jurors in your case!


The speedometer in a vehicle going 120 MPH

Speeding Is Dangerous

Unfortunately, over time speedometers have been designed to allow higher speeds on their gauges, thus tempting other to speed.

As the auto industry grew, the expectations on the look, design and feel for the motor vehicles began to grow more intense. 

NHTSA launched a campaign a few weeks ago, Speeding Wrecks Lives and was targeted to ages 18-44, who are most likely to be involved in speed related car accidents, according to NHTSA. 

According to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, the speed limit in Rhode Island on residential streets is 25mph and on state highways, such as interstate 95, it is 65mph. 


65 mph speed limit sign

If you or a loved one suffer personal injuries due to someone’s speeding and neglect of speeding limits, call the Bottaro Law Firm 24/7 for a free consultation. We understand and we are here to help!

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