Should I Post To Social Media About My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Did you know that posting to your Facebook and social media during your personal injury case can harm your case? Having handed car accidents and their personal injury cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I think it is important for the public to know the inside scoop on this topic – let’s take a look!

Who Looks At My Facebook And Social Media Pages After A Car Accident?

When you are involved in a car accident or other personal injury situation such as a slip and fall, the first job of all relevant insurance companies is to investigate.

Insurance companies and their agents, such as investigators and third-party claims people are interested in one thing at the end of the day – paying you the least amount of compensation as possible.

On their initial checklist is to investigate…. You! That is correct. Many times, these big companies have powerful tools available to dig deep onto the internet, looking at your social media pages, past insurance claims, criminal records, and so on.

Big auto and property insurance companies are investigating you so that they can assess their risk of exposure. One goal is to find admissible evidence, to be used against you to make you appear less credible, less likable, etc. so that a judge, juror, or arbitrator will not want to pay you what you deserve for your personal injuries – even when you are not at fault!

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my team and I know these insurance people throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts; we know their tricks; and, when you contact us 24/7 right after your personal injury, we can best help you.

What Is Personal Injury Best Practices For Social Media After A Car Accident?

As an experienced plaintiff personal injury lawyer, my advice is it is best to avoid posting anything at all about your car accident, slip and fall, or other injuries.

While I understand that you may post out of habit and/or to keep family and friends updated, you can unknowingly really damage or even destroy your case.

For example, after a car accident, many people who are in fact injured may post something like “I’m ok” to reassure family and friends.  Hopefully, you can see how such a post can be used by a greedy insurance company to contradict your claims of being injured.

Our team at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC knows that a judge or claims adjuster will view such posts as relevant and admissible in assessing how much your case is worth for compensation.

Social media posts about your auto crash or trip and fall will likely do more harm than good.

Remember, At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC our job is to collect evidence to prove your personal injuries. The job of the insurance company is to prove you are feeling better than you appear.

If you must post on social media, check your privacy settings. Make sure those who follow you can only see your post. And please accept no friend requests or messages from people you do not know. Claims adjusters may follow you hoping to gain personal information.

For a free consultation, please call or text me 24/7 after your personal injury so I can help you!

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