Three Things to Know After an Icy Slip-and-Fall

Did you know that if you slip and fall on ice, snow, or slush, you may have the right to compensation for your personal injury?  On each snowy, icy, sloshy day throughout Rhode Island, people slip, fall, and injure themselves, all at the hands of business owners who fail to keep their premises reasonably safe.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, Bottaro Law provides you with a free case review 24/7.

Below are three key things to know when you slip and fall on ice in Rhode Island:

1. Call Our Slip and Fall Lawyers At Bottaro Law Right Away.

Call us as soon as possible because, in Slip and Fall cases, time is of the essence. Why?  We need to immediately document what the conditions were when you fell (and you can bet a clean-up crew is coming through right away after you fall), collect evidence to show how long the snow or ice had been present, determine whether the business owner or their employees had a reasonable amount of time to clear the area, and what – if any – measures the business took to warn you about the icy, snowy, or sloshy conditions ahead.  Every Slip and Fall case is nuanced, and it is difficult to prove a business owner’s negligence on your own.  Call us to ensure you have all the proper documentation needed for success in the courtroom.

2. Business owners in Rhode Island have a Duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition, even when there is a natural accumulation of snow and ice.

Sounds easy, right? Well, in determining “reasonableness” in the law – especially in Slip and Fall cases – the little details matter.  How big was the property? How many employees were present?  Was it still snowing or raining, and how hard?  How long after a storm did the business wait to clear the area of snow and ice?  Did the business do anything to alter what we call, the “natural accumulation” of snow or ice?  If so, how? As you can imagine, before a Rhode Island court agrees with you that a business owner was negligent, you need to get relevant details of your Slip and Fall incident in order.

yellow wet floor sign propped up

Warning signs may help a commercial business avoid liability, but not always. Contact Bottaro Law now for a free consultation.

3. If you successfully prove that the business owner was negligent, you may recover medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering damages.

Slip and Fall cases are no laughing matter; they happen more often than you think. In fact, according to the CDC’s National Center of Injury Prevention & Control, the leading cause of nonfatal injuries in the U.S. that result in Emergency Department visits is unintentional falls.  No one should have to pay for their medical expenses, loss of wages due to injury or doctor’s appointments, or long-term suffering because a business failed to keep its property safe.  Call us anytime and Bottaro Law will assess your case, free of charge.

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