Smithfield, Rhode Island Car Accident Settlement With Disc Herniation

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Having practiced personal injury law for over two decades, I have seen many neck and back injuries caused by car accidents. Today, I will share a recent settlement we obtained in a Smithfield, Rhode Island case.

Smithfield RI, Car Accident Leads to Lower Back Disc Bulge

Our client, a 26- year old mother, from Worcester MA, was traveling with her son on Route 11

6 in Smithfield, RI. Suddenly, the defendant pulled out in front of our client without warning as they approached the Route 5 intersection.

Defendant’s actions caused a serious T-bone collision car accident.

Due to the impact of the car accident, our client faced multiple personal injuries. At her first physical therapy visit, our client presented with pain in her neck, back, and right hip. She was later given a Ketorolac injection for her back pain.

After weeks of physical therapy, our client, a dance instructor, and an amazon delivery driver was still out of work due to her injuries. With physical therapy providing little relief, doctors order our client to undergo an MRI.

The results of the MRI showed that our client was positive for a lumbar disc herniation.

To date, our client has tried several different types of treatment to avoid back surgery

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After a car accident with personal injuries, especially a herniated disc, our client knew she could call or text us (401) 777-777 24/7 for free, confidential consultation.

In addition to the great settlements we can obtain for car accident victims, we also care about helping you with great advice on your car damage, medical bills, and medical treatment.

In this case, back injuries such as herniated discs after a Rhode Island car accident are no joking matter. We helped our client sort through the best back doctors and ensure that she received great treatment.

On the legal side, my team worked hard to put together an airtight case. We took away all the hassle, paperwork, and stress from getting into a car accident. Now our client can recover with peace of mind.

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