Bottaro Law Firm Settles Smithfield Rhode Island Car Accident

At Bottaro Law, we handle personal injury cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In today’s blog, let’s look at a recent victory from a Smithfield, Rhode Island car accident that caused our client several injuries.

If you are injured in a car accident, it is in your best interest to hire the best personal injury law firm as soon as possible. This is because all big companies such as auto insurance companies and medical billing companies are looking out for their financial interests, not yours.  At our firm, we believe that “Nobody Should Fight Goliath Alone.”

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Smithfield, Rhode Island T-Bone Car Accident With Neck And Back Injuries

Our client was traveling on George Washington Highway in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Suddenly, a careless driver blew through a stop sign, causing a t-bone collision.

At the scene, the careless driver admitted that he was speeding and as he was coming to a stop, his foot got stuck under the gas pedal and struck our client’s vehicle.  Nonetheless, when his big auto insurance company got involved, they still fought the case!

the front end of a green mini cooper's smashed up front end with left headlight knocked out and hanging down

Our client’s vehicle after the accident.

Fighting For What Is Right – Beating The Insurance Company For The Best Settlement!

Our client went by rescue from the scene to Rhode Island Hospital and was suffering immediate pain. Our client sustained personal injuries to his neck, chest, shoulders, and upper back. After he was admitted to the hospital, he was suffering from pain radiating down his shoulders and was unable to return to work. Our client was suffering financial losses from being out of work and was drowning in medical expenses. 

Meanwhile, even though the defendant admitted fault at the car accident scene, his insurance company delayed paying for our client’s car, medical expenses, and lost wages. 

Rhode Island Car Accident

Bottaro team working together to fight for our clients.

As our client continued with treatment, we investigated the case and gathered the winning evidence.  Finally, with the threat of court looming, the big insurance company caved.  The settlement funds helped reimburse our client, pay bills, and also provided additional tax-free dollars for his pain and suffering.  Perhaps most important, our client was able to get a new vehicle and get back to work!  

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