Stop and Shop Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyers Get $75,000.00 For Client


Do you want to know more about what happens if you have a slip and fall at a Stop and Shop? This is Rhode Island personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and I today’s blog, I am going to explain exactly why you need the best slip and fall lawyers to take on the Rhode Island Stop and Shops after a personal injury!

How Much Is A Torn Knee Meniscus Slip And Fall Worth?  Here’s What You Need To Know!

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property safe. In this case, the shopping center allowed a pothole to go unrepaired leading to the personal injury set forth below.

Our client was pushing shopping cart of groceries when a wheel got stuck in a pothole. As the loaded cart fell over, it struck our client’s right knee.

In obvious pain, another customer ran over to help our client with her groceries and helped her to her car. Our client called the manager on duty and completed an incident report.

Within a few days of our clients fall, Stop and Shop had repaired the hole our client’s cart got stuck in.

During treatment for the knee injury, her physician referred her for an MRI, which established a posterior tear to the medial meniscus.

An orthopedic took her into surgery to repair the torn meniscus caused form the slip and fall. She continued to follow up with her orthopedic surgeon and she also attended physical therapy pre-surgery and post-surgery.

Premises liability cases are difficult to prove and difficult to win. You need the best Rhode Island personal injury lawyers on your side! In this case, our team at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC got right to work, investigating the premises, taking photos and measurements, and following up on the medical records.

The shopping center, as usual, defended the case by arguing our client should have seen the pothole. We know these tricks and have decades of experience to win!

The value of how much this personal injury slip and fall case was worth depended on winning on several factors. Every case is different. We know what to look for; what to say; and, what not to say. After discovery, we were able to prevail on these factors through hard work and preparation, ultimately resulting in a $75,000.00 slip and fall settlement!

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