Suffering from Chronic Back Pain after a Car Accident? What to Do

Legal Representation for Victims of Back Pain in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

A vehicle accident can leave a victim suffering from chronic back pain. The violent impact of a collision puts immense strain on the body and can cause severe damage to the soft tissue in the back and neck. The pain associated with the accident can be unbearable, and may continue for months or far longer.

Chronic back pain can be exceptionally difficult to resolve. The pain may not have started immediately after the collision; the body’s natural response to danger is to flood the system with adrenaline, a pain suppressant. The following day, or the day after, the injured person can be immobilized with pain. It is imperative that you get a full medical assessment after a vehicle accident, even if you initially believe you were unharmed.

Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Back Pain

Diagnosing the source of back pain can be difficult. Most often, painkillers are prescribed, but these medications do not address the root cause. Pain often lingers or gets worse, impacting the ability to work, or enjoy life as normal. Chronic back pain is a life-changing situation, and finding an effective medical solution may take time. You may need to visit with a physical therapist, or chiropractor, or even an orthopedic specialist to address your back pain.  The first step in determining what medical treatment to seek is to see your primary care doctor (or emergency room doctor, depending on whether your accident required emergency treatment) who can help you determine what specialist would be most helpful to your particular injuries.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, acute soft tissue injuries — injuries commonly caused by car accidents — may take one of three common forms. First, a sprain is the stretch or tear of a ligament that connects one bone with another. The sprain may be light, moderate or severe resulting in effects ranging from a painful stretching to joint immobility. Second a strain is an injury to the muscle or tendon itself. And finally a contusion is a bruise caused by a blow to the muscle fiber or connective tissue.

Other causes of back pain resulting from a car accident may involve bulging or ruptured discs in the spine. A medical professional must assess your injuries to determine the cause and proper medical treatment.

Your Right to Compensation

When another party was driving negligently, you have the right to pursue compensation from that party. After a car accident that has led to chronic back pain, it is critical that a Rhode Island car accident lawyer evaluates the case. Each case is different, and the level of injury and the impact upon the victim can vary widely. Based upon the facts in the case, our firm can assist you in pursuing every form of compensation. We are committed to protecting the rights of our clients, and engage in all of the legal actions necessary to protect your right to fair money damages, from start to finish. We have an impressive history of success, and have recovered millions in damages for our clients to date.

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